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The Hampshire Ghost Club has regularly visited numerous haunted venuesFrom sprawling stately homes to lonely, dark graveyards our members have ventured where many people fear to tread.


Over those years, culminating in excess of some 295+ investigations around the UK, we have investigated some incredible places. The Hampshire Ghost Club firmly believe in openness and sharing our results, after all what good is any research, evidence or information if it just sits in a desk draw gathering dust where no one can review or critique the results.


Many of our reports are available to interested persons so if you have a question about a specific haunted venue then please do get in touch to see if we can assist you.


As a member based club we dont advertise our investigations online as 'events' but if you would like to come along on an investigation with the club and find out more about us and how we investigate the paranormal then please do contact us and we will advise what investigations we have coming up that you could attend.

We are currently planning on running a series of open investigations where people interested in joining the club can attend. These investigations will feature a brief talk about the club, the equipment we use and what we do on an investigation followed by an investigation at an allegedly haunted venue.

So if your interested in investigating the paranormal in a logical, open minded fashion with a great group of enthusiasts then please do get in touch.

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