You've Tried the Rest....Now Investigate with the Best!

Back in 2001 the acclaimed paranormal investigator and researcher, David Scanlan, decided to establish the Hampshire Ghost Club after a life long interest in the paranormal.


Initially David wanted to join an already established local group but all he found was commercial groups that were more interested in taking peoples money and exposing them to some rather dubious alleged 'paranormal experiences'. So with this in mind he decided to set up a paranormal investigation and research society that would focus on the gathering of potential evidence, in a logical and scientific manner, that would prove or disprove that ghosts exist.


Now in it's 20th year of investigation and research the Hampshire Ghost Club is pleased to have not strayed from their initial approach to capturing evidence & data in a logical and scientific fashion. Through those 18 years we have had the priviledge of investigating some of the UK's most haunted venues, compiled analytical studies of exisiting data and conducted research not only into ghosts and haunted houses but also spiritualism, mediumship, Ouija Boards and Table Tilting. One of our proudest moments has been the investigations and open door policy instigated by David when he was resident at Wymering Manor. Because of the work undertaken by the Hampshire Ghost Club and the publicity the group created we have firmly put Wymering Manor on the Most Haunted House's Famous List and also help save this incredibly historic house from demolition.


We have also been seen in the media with appearnces on Most Haunted, ITV Television, BBC Radio, Independant Radio, Meridian TV, Portsmouth TV, Net Talk Radio, Beyond Magazine, Hampshire Life Magazine, Paranormal Magazine and many many more publications. David Scanlan has also authored a series of books on regional hauntings and more information on these can be found by visiting the BOOKS tab at the main menu.


In addition to all the above that the group has achieved we always like to give back to the younger generations. With this in mind we have frequently assisted University students with media projects, research studies and broadcasting oppurtunities.


The Hampshire Ghost Club has come a long way in just 20 years....long may it continue!