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Welcome to the website of the Hampshire Ghost Club.


We are a group of independant paranormal enthusiasts, researchers and investigators concerned with finding an answer to the question "Do ghosts exist?"


In the next few pages you can find out all about the group, our past and current research and how YOU can get involved with Hampshire's most well established premier ghost hunting club. We are always looking for new members who want to approach investigating the paranormal in logical and serious minded manner.

"I've attended ghost hunts with some commercial groups but came to the hampshire ghost club in the hope of finding a more serious and genuine paranormal experience....I wasnt dissapointed!"

HGC Guest Investigator


Professional and practical approach to investigating ghosts. Thoroughly enjoying my membership

to this excellent club!

HGC Member

"Not only have I found an excellent ghost hunting club I have also made new friends that I mix with socially"

HGC Member

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